Breeding Buck Preorbital

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Breeding Buck Preorbital is our 100% Authentic extracted forehead, tear duct, ear gland and wax, mouth and lip saliva. Early in pre-rut as buck are traveling together they state their dominance by rubbing, chewing, licking and then smelling their epidermal glandular scents and saliva pheromones. Buck are instinctively programmed to open communal licking branches in their core travel areas. This scent establishes their natural “pecking order” in the progression to the coming rutting season. It is the number one scent of interest to buck when seeking out does for the upcoming breeding season. Buck Preorbital head gland scents placed on a few broken branches above mock or natural buck scrapes with a little of your favorite TRHP Outdoors deer urine placed beneath it, will make the scrape appear authentic. 


Shake Well: Before Each Application!!!


☆Weather resilient NO FREEZE!!!


 Most Effective:


  • Year Around Licking Branches 
  • Early Season (Early August)
  • Pre Rut
  • Rut
  • Late Season

Customer Reviews

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John Smith
Revolutionize the market!!!

Have been hunting g for 25 years and have used ever deer scent and scent elimination products on the market and I stopped buying them 5 years ago
They were a wast of money so became a big skeptic of products in this sector of the industry. Some to Brett on the phone and I can say this he had me excited about using the products and have never been excited to use deer scents or scent elimination products bc I just expected the same results
I won't go on and on about the products but will say they work and I mean they really work game changer and the Scent Guardian I have had bucks 4-5 yards away and they never smelt me or could even make eye contact with me which was a first time to see that happen
TRHP Outdoors is on a another planet and they have a customer for life!!!