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Texas Raised Hunting Products was founded in 2017 by father and son, Gary and Brett Andrews, with the belief that every generation matters. We represent those who are just as passionate for hunting as they are about the quality of products they use for it. Know for communicating with whitetial deer all our stress free deer scents containing 85% pure urine, extracted infused gland oils and authentic hormones, we blend and bottle all of our scents, lures and scent eliminators in-house. Our main focus is to provide high quality, ethically sourced products for the ultimate hunting experience as our Scent Guardian has yet to fail with not a single customer has been winded since 2017. This Patented Approved by the USPTO and was created by our supercharged Nano-Chem-Technology, consisting of 1,000 PPM Ionc Silver, Copper, Zeolite Clinoptilolite and Active Carbon that's infused with Ozone. The process we invented made history by being the only 4D lattice structure in the world to ever be successfully bonded together that goes back to the 1950's. If you dont believe in Scent Elimination and have been through the ringer of how great everyone's products are do yourself a favor and for the last time try our Scent Guardian out. Skeptics are our best customers as everyone finds out its much more then just a scent eliminator just ask our customers. No need for shampoos, body washes, laundry detergents, ozone bags or scent elimination clothing this why we only sell the Scent Guardian in a Field Spray. To prove a point that you could combine every product on the market together and still wont even be close to the level we took the Scent Guardian!!! In 2021, we added TRHP Outdoors to our family.

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