website 10X Whitetail Deer Gland Oil for Hunters

10X Whitetail Deer Gland Oil

100% pure Gland Oil tinicured from 10 buck and Doe deer musk gland communication pheromones: Preorbital, Interdigital, Tarsal, Sex, & Anal Gland Scent. There is nothing to compare it to on the deer hunting market!!! 


Use in scrapes, treelimbs, or add 1 tsp to your favorite TRHP Outdoors deer urine or our scent and wick cans to enhance the strength of your favorite scent!!!


▪︎No Freeze


▪︎Authentic Glad Oil 


▪︎10X Stronger Than Urine Based Products 


▪︎Sex and Communication Driven 


▪︎Speak The Language With What Deer Use To Communicate