Scent Guardian No Scent Scent Eliminator Spray

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Scent Guardian No Scent is our patented US11,365,372 formula and process that goes way beyond Scent Elimination. If you’re a bow hunter this will revolutionize how you hunt! Never play The Wind Again!!!

Scent Guardian made history after extensive research, the Scent Guardian is the only water based product in the world that will making you invisible to all wild game.

Unlike other products on the market today who claim to eliminate Odor, Ultraviolet or Blocking the (EMF/EMI) electromagnetic field from $12.95 for liquid field sprays to $500.00 for Clothing/Gear and Ozone Machinesthe Scent Guardian does it all in one easy application for just $12.95!!! You could put every product on the market today together and still wouldn’t get close to what you will consistently see with the Scent Guardian!!! 

Scent Guardian No Scent utilizes our supercharged Nanoparticle Technology formula and process using 100% inorganic ingredients. Scent Guardian formula consists of 1000 PPM of Ionic Silver“Generated Ourselves”, Zeolite Clinoptilolite 98%Pure, Active Carbon 99% Pure and Sodium Bicarbonate, that we infused with Ozone. This created the only 6D Lattice structure with interconnecting channels in the world. We do not use "sythetic versions" of any kind like our compeditors!!!


  • No More Scent Eliminatiing Laundry Detergent.
  • No More Body Wash or Shampoo
  • No More Ozone Bags 
  • No More Ozone Machines


SHAKE WELL. Apply Scent Guardian No Scent on hunting gear, camo clothing, and boots. You can literally wear blue jeans and a white t-shirt or any apparel you like and you will get the same results. Use to spray down tree stands, inside tower blinds & ground blinds, four wheelers, ATV side by sides, hunting trucks, ice chests, live wells and more!!!

Do Not Wash Your Hunting Apprael with laundry detrgent!!! If you want to put in the washer just put it in and wash with hot water. This reactivates the formula!!! 


Proudly Made in the USA

USPTO Patent No: US11,365,372 B1 





Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Travis Mcdonald
No Longer A SKEPTIC!!!!!

All i have to say is why did it take so long 28 yearsof hunting and Brett comes along and changes everything. TRHP IS A PROBLEM FOR THE REST OF THE INDUSTRY!!!

John S.
Best Products I Have Ever Used!!!

38 years huntng i have never usedanything like TRHP products. Brett is extremley knowledgable and spends time with myseld and others i assume as he wants to see you be successful when using the products. What they claim thei products do alot more then that. I was a sceptic but now 38 years later im addickted!!!