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Curiosity Specialty Blend Deer Scent

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TRHP Outdoors Curiosity is our specialty blend of buck and doe urine, buck preorbital, and a few little secrets of our own. Curiosity is weather resistant and does not freeze. Can be used on the ground and on foliage. Four early season natural deer scent attractors. Buck and doe urine, buck preorbital, and interdigital gland scent, plus several different curiosity fixatives. Curiosity Specialty Blend Deer Lure, was developed to be an early season curiosity deer hunting lure. However, many hunters claim the combination of natural deer and curiosity scents prove to be attractive to both buck and doe the entire season. Lay a scent trail upwind from your stand and then hang scent wicks in a triangle around your shooting lane to carry the scent on wind currents.

Shake Well: Apply on dragline, hanging on our TRHP Outdoors Scent and Wick Cans scent wicks, hanging deer scent dispenser, feeding areas or game cameras in your hunting area.


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