Dominate Buck Rut Package

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Dominate Buck Package 


Package Includes:

(1) 2 oz. Hunters Creed XXX Dominate Buck Scent & Wick Can.

(1) 1 oz. Bottle Hunters Creed XXX Dominate Buck Scent for Wick Refresher

(1) 2 oz. Inflame Doe Scent & Wick Can.

(1) 1 oz. Bottle Inflame Doe Scent for Wick Refresher.

TRHP Outdoors Buck DNA Scent & Cans have a fiber infused wick that we infused with Dominate Buck Tarsal, Interdigital, Inflame Doe Tarsal and vaginal secretion oil. Both are then topped off with 2 oz. of Hunters Creed Urine and Inflame Doe Estrous. 

1 oz. Refresher Bottles of Hunter’s Creed 3XXInflame Doe Estrous:

Use 1 oz. Wick Refresher bottle of Hunters Creed and Inflame Doe Estrous, to refresh the Wicks inside the Can for an additional 14 days. Replace with new Scent Wick Can after 30 days. 

Hunters Creed: is Specialty Blend and is 3XX STRONGER than any other deer scent on the market today! Our proprietary blends are authentic and NOFREEZE,  weather resistant lure and is the powerhouse of all deer scents.  Has a combination of all the hormones and sex glands of a dominant buck and a mature doe in just one can. It creates the illusion of another dominant buck in the territory that is after a doe in estrus.  This is what makes Hunters Creed one of our best scents to use during the early/pre rut- peak rut stages and works really well during calling situations. Each Buck DNA scent can has an adjustable scent release ventilator lid.

 Inflame Doe Estrous:

You cannot get another PREMIUM QUALITY, 100% AUTHENTIC Doe In Estrous Scent Our UNIQUELY CRAFTED 100% PURE Inflame Doe Estrous urine is then infused with our Extracted AUTHENTIC anal, vaginal, and doe tarsal GLAND OIL, making it IRRESISTIBLE to both BUCKS and does!   that WILL NOT FREEZE in SINGLE DIGITS like our INFLAME DOE ESTROUS.  Most collect estrous only in the first estrous cycle. Depending on where you are located, not all doe's go into estrus in October, as most states run into November.  Our UNIQUE collection process in OPTIMAL HORMONAL stages in OCTOBER and NOVEMBER allows us to MAXIMIZE the level of PHEROMONES when there are more tangible signs that a DOE is in her BREEDING cycle.


Most Effective:

  • Rut


Shake Well:  Apply Inflame Doe Estrous Urine on mock rub scrapes, ground scrapes, hanging scent wicks, hanging scent dispensers, feeding areas, or game cameras in your hunting area.

Most Effective:

  • Pre Rut
  • Rut
  • Late Season 


Shake Well: 

Hang from Tree Limb in triangle a formation first remove red vent lid, peel and remove aluminum lid, replace red vent lid and open vent to max. Hang Hunters Creed Up Wind and Inflame Doe Down wind. Can also be used in the ground by digging a 3 - 4 inch hole, remove red vent lid, peel and remove aluminum lid, replace red vent lid, open vent to max and place can in hole covering until red lid is slightly above ground level. 

This Proudly Developed, Manufactured and Distributed in the USA