Inflame Doe Estrous Urine Deer Scent

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You cannot get another PREMIUM QUALITY, 100% AUTHENTIC doe in heat urine that WILL NOT FREEZE in SINGLE DIGITS like our INFLAME DOE ESTRUS.  Most collect estrous only in the first estrous cycle. Depending on where you are located, not all does go into estrus in October, as most states run into November.  Our UNIQUE collection process in OPTIMAL HORMONAL stages in OCTOBER and NOVEMBER allows us to MAXIMIZE the level of PHEROMONES when there are more tangible signs that a DOE is in her BREEDING cycle.

Our UNIQUELY CRAFTED 100% PURE estrus doe urine is then infused with our extracted AUTHENTIC anal, vaginal, and doe tarsal GLAND OIL, making it IRRESISTIBLE to both BUCKS and does!   

Most Effective:

  • Rut

 Shake Well:  Apply Inflame Doe Estrous Urine on mock rub scrapes, ground scrapes, hanging scent wicks, hanging scent dispensers, feeding areas, or game cameras in your hunting area.

Inflame Doe Estrous Urine is Proudly Made in the USA


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