Inflame Sow Seduction With (Wick Refresher)

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Inflame Sow Seduction Scent & Wick 


Package Comes with the following...

  • 1:2 oz Inflame Seduction Can ( Can Is Pre Infused (Ready-To-Go) 
  • 1:2 oz Bottle Inflame Sow Seduction (Wick Refresher)


How To Use:

Use in man-made or existing hog rubs, Scent wicks, Refill for the Inflame Sow Seduction Scent & Wick Can and as a remover when live-trapping hogs.  



Do not spray on clothing or gear YOU WILL BE ATTACKED!!! Texas Raised Hunting Products, are not liable of any one being attacked when using our products In ways we have not approved of.

Shake Well:Before Each Application!!!

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